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The Soul of an Organization: Understanding The Values That Drive Successful Corporate Cultures by Richard S. Gallagher

Dearborn Trade Publishing, ISBN 0-7931-5780-3, 2002

A selection of the Chapter-a-Day Business Book Club


This important new book examines how your values, and not your business practices, drive your success. Using a self-assessment test and examples from over 100 leading organizations, The Soul of an Organization will help you create your own winning corporate culture. A national bestseller that reached the Amazon top 2500 in 2003.

Delivering Legendary Customer Service on the Telephone

by Richard S. Gallagher

Skills Development International, 2000


This is not your typical “how to be nice on the phone” book! This complete book and self-study program by Rich Gallagher, himself a former call center manager and veteran of 25,000 telephone

transactions, teaches you proven techniques to improve your confidence, productivity and customer service quality on the telephone.

Delivering Legendary Customer Service: Seven Steps to Success by Richard S. Gallagher

Entrepreneur Press, ISBN 1-55571-520-6, 2000

A selection of the Forbes Book Club


The successor to Smile Training Isn’t Enough, an top 5000 bestseller and editor’s pick. Your guide to creating the same great front-line service experience as the world’s customer service leaders, every single day, one customer at a time. A step-by step program that really works!

Smile Training Isn’t Enough: The Three Secrets of Excellent Customer Service by Richard S. Gallagher

Oasis Press, ISBN 1-55571-422-6, 1998

A selection of the Doubleday Executive Program Book Club


Using examples from many of America's best service-driven companies, Smile Training Isn't Enough shows how real, sustainable service quality revolves around the "three secrets" of taking care of your customers, your organization, and yourself.

Computer Visualization by Richard S. Gallagher (editor)

CRC Press, ISBN 0-8493-9050-8, 1994


One of the first textbooks on 3D computer graphics visualization, and still in use today at many major universities. This book combines an overview of the fundamentals of computer graphics with a practitioner-oriented review of the latest 3-D graphics display and visualization techniques.

The Perfect Company: A Simple Four-Step Process for Creating a High-Performance Workplace by Richard S. Gallagher

Skills Development International, ISBN 1-59113-516-8, $14.95

A selection of the Forbes Book Club


Set within a fictional children’s software company, this business fable teaches a simple but powerful lesson about how to truly create high, self-sustaining levels of performance on your team - by thinking more like children!

Great Customer Connections: Simple Psychological Techniques that Guarantee Exceptional Service

by Richard S. Gallagher

AMACOM Books, ISBN 0-81447-308-3, $21.95


This major national release from one of the nation’s leading business publishers examines the psychology of how we interact with customers, with step-by-step techniques that will dramatically change the way you handle any customer situation!

What to Say to a Porcupine: 20 Humorous Tales that Get to the Heart of Great Customer Service by Richard S. Gallagher

AMACOM Books, ISBN 0-81441-055-3, $19.95

#1 customer service and #1 business humor in US on, finalist for 800-CEO-READ’s 2008 Business Book of the Year.


What do a demanding colony of porcupines, an upscale restaurant run by hyenas, and a famous medieval knight have in common? They are all part of one of the most entertaining and instructive books on customer service ever written, using the format of Aesop's fables to illustrate fundamental principles of customer service.

How to Tell Anyone Anything: Breakthrough Techniques for Handling Difficult Conversations at Work by Richard S. Gallagher

AMACOM Books, ISBN 0-81441-015-4, $14.95


Drawing from the latest in psychology on how best to connect with others, How to Tell Anyone Anything steers readers away from the common mistake of focusing on what’s wrong, and teaches you how to transform interactions that might become verbal tugs-of-war into clear, constructive, positive messages that create real behavior and performance change.

The Customer Service Survival Kit by Richard S. Gallagher

AMACOM Books, ISBN 0-814431836, $17.95

A #1 customer service bestseller in US and Canada on


Most of us think excellent customer service involves smiles and positive attitudes. But what about when customers are upset, angry, or threatening to sue you?  This is the first book that teaches you how be confident in any customer situation, using the same skills hostage negotiators, crisis counselors, and psychotherapists use!